americanexpress/confirmcard – Confirm your AMEX Card online now!

americanexpress/confirmcard or card is the official webpage of American Express for users of AMEX Cards to confirm their card after they’ve received it in mail.

If you knew that already, good!

Now, if this is your first time in confirming the card, read on to the later part, we’ve a step by step guide on completing the card confirming process easily here.



How to confirm your AMEX Card online?

  1. Click the below given button to access the official website of americanexpress/confirmcard, which is 
  2. Now, in the two spaces given to enter the 4 digit card ID & 16 digit card number, enter two of them from your card and click on the Continue button.
  3. Now, you’ll be taken to the card registration page.
  4. Here you are required to enter your personal contact details, the same ones you gave while applying for the card.
  5. After that, click on the “Finish” button.
  6. Your card will be confirmed and you’ll be notified via text & email the same.

Which American Express card to choose?

American express cards come in a huge variety which has made the service move broad with varying needs of credit card consumers. There are some like charge cards which are perfect for people capable of paying for their full balances on every month. For the credit cards they provide their card holders the option to carry on card balances for one or more months. Whereas when it comes to the partner cards, this is completely different and carries a chance to earn benefits from the partner companies of American Express. For the user of the partner cards also have huge flexibility when it is about the payment terms.

Why the American express credit cards

It can go wrong if you don’t say that the American express credit cards have been around for a long time with featuring business cards along with some individual charge cards. These carry a strong credit history as required to be accepted. Added to that they have some bank cards that includes a good number of bonuses.

These American express cards have a good number of advantages which are provided at a lot number of places with just refered to as Amex cards and these cards are favored in various foreign countries like that of America. These are like if you are interested to travel, these cards can be a great option. Rather they are widely accepted throughout the nation.

In other way, there are business credit cards which are both large and small and have been providing with necessary credit necessities for business owners to effectively run their businesses. Even if you are checking into with credit for businesses, then you might like to evaluate the gold card from the Amex and this is going to allow with payment of the outstanding dues or balances over time.

Categories of American express cards

There are a broad varieties of American express cards, these are like

  • Cash back credit cards which are in the form of blue cash giving up to 5 % cash back with an unlimited cash rewards and even offers with the priority of earning unlimited cash back.
  • There are credit card with cash rebates which are meant for business and these gives up to 5 % of cash rebate. there are even platinum business cash rebate cards from OPEN which are small business network giving up to 5 % cash rebate on purchase and don’t have cash back limits.
  • With the platinum business cards, there are no facilities of annual fees. There are blue cards from American express and these does not contain any annual fees with low balance transfer of around 4.99 %

Apart from the above there are fee free cards which are preferred to move on with online fraud protection guaranteed. The blue cards from American express have a fee free reward program and the platinum business credit card is meant for business purposes. Then there are green cards which are first year free from any fees.


I hope you have confirmed your card successfully using our guide on americanexpress/confirmcard. Do let us know your thoughts on this using comment section given below.

16 Replies to “americanexpress/confirmcard – Confirm your AMEX Card online now!”

    1. there is no 4 digit number a 3 digit number. none of your phone or online recognize this fact. so we have a problem right out the gate

  1. I have elected to take an American Express card issued through Charles Schwab. Having now received it, I was directed to a website,, for the purpose of confirming, in fact, that I have received the card, and, then, to activate it. Said website, however, allows for neither confirmation of receipt nor activation of this Charles Schwab card. Please advise.

  2. I could not confirm my card online. It refused to recognize my ID. You need to offer a service where we can call in for help!

  3. I received my new card but at the end of the confirmation process,I was asked to confirm without/with setting up an account. I’ve had a card since 1990 and thought that it was indicative of an account. I did not set up a new account. Can I still use my new card.
    Thank you,

  4. I am very uncomfortable with this! I do not want to type in my card number and the code without evidence that it is a secure site. I am not sure that I am on the correct site and would much prefer to use a phone service.

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