americanexpress com confirmcard – How to confirm your AMEX card now!

americanexpress com confirmcard is the name of the official website of American Express for their customers who have received their card to confirm their card.

This is required because the company has to know that you have received the card that they sent in mail.

Only after confirming, you’ll be able to use the card online or offline.

So here we show you how to confirm your American Express card using confirmcard website. Read on.

Or wait.. In case you just want to jump into the website and doesn’t require any tutorial for that, click here.

americanexpress com confirmcard

americanexpress com confirmcard

How to confirm your American Express card online?

Follow the below given steps to know how to confirm your Amex card online easily:

  1. Click on the button given below, which is the link to the official website for card confirming for AMEX, i.e,
  2. Now, here you’ll see a shape of credit card, and some space given to enter:
    1. 4 digit card ID
    2. 16 digit card number
  3. Enter both number from the details on your Amex card.
  4. And click on the “Continue” button given below.
  5. Now, you’ll be taken to the next page, where you’ll be asked about your personal details.
  6. Fill up the spaces where your details are asked and complete the sign up process.
  7. Be sure that you use the same details are you used when signing up for the card.
  8. Now, click on the “Finish” button.
  9. Your card will now be verified and you’ll get a notification text on your phone regarding the same.

American Express Personal Cards

Credit cards have been existing since 1970. American Express cards are one of the oldest credit card services available in America. Found in 1850, the company the delivers incomparable Customer services with seamless benefits and immediate purchasing power. The American Express cards are currently teamed up with to make him understand that house relieving it can’t be to manage a full-fledged wedding event.

The personalized American express cards are just appropriate for every person on earth. They offer customised services to track your overall expenditure. With flexible services, you can post-pay or prepaid your payment for avoiding any back drops

Benefits of American Express personal card

American Express card track every dollar you spend and bless you with reward points accordingly. Once you happen to use the card, you will be earning 5000 bonus points on spending around $15,000 to the credit card. Additional of 10000 bonus points will be given to you if you happen to use the knot card with your spouse.

Bank cards might have their own set of terms and conditions, but American Express cards are more facilitating and broad in aspects. The American Express personal card is accepted across the countries with maximum acceptance. You can avail both MasterCard and Visa Card according to your requirement. The travel and entertainment cards why direct benefits to the customers.

Visa cards provide a certain limit that the customers need to choose for the outlet bill payment. The revolving credit facility resultantly determination of sending limit by the customer. However, American Express personal cards give you Visa Card that does not entertain any pre-set limits. You are expected to pay the entire amount of money spent at the end of every month

Global acceptance

As mentioned above, one of the biggest issues of getting a credit card by a random company is the problem of acceptance. American Express cards are in common circulation amongst people. Originally designed for frequent Travellers, American express cards and now used by businessman and common people to meet out their credit requirement. You don’t have to particularly use it in airlines, hotels and restaurants. They are very much accepted and departmental stores, gas stations, petrol pump and drug stores.

Another great reason for using American Express Card is the reward policy it has. It gives 1 point for every dollar spent proves it. The premium version of American Express card reward 2 points on every dollar spent. The accumulated awards would never expire. Hence, you can collect them all over a period and redeem them altogether resulting in a hefty saving.

American Express personal cards are available in different versions. You can grab them in the form of a blue card, gold Delta SkyMiles credit card, reward gold card or Platinum business credit card. Every version of it has a different set of conditions with almost no spending limit. These are quite useful for start-ups that have limited financial sources. Having a personal American Express Card is an always an add-on to your business.

And yes, you’ve to verify that you’ve received the card to AMEX online using americanexpress/confirmcard website (which we explained above).

americanexpress com confirmcard

I hope you were able to confirm your AMEX card using the step by step tutorial we’ve provided in this page. Do let us know your thoughts on AmericanExpress com confirmcard on the comment section below, and the issues you faced (if any) on this process.

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  2. I do not want to confirm receiving my card on line. Please give me a contact number for

  3. I do not want to confirm receipt of my American Express card on line. Please provide a phone number I can call to confirm receipt of my card. Thank you

  4. I don’t want to give all the info on my phone please give me a telephone number to call to confirm. Thank you

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